Accessorise Your Outfit

09 Dec Accessorising Your Outfit with Designer Handbags

Believe it or not, accessorising is an art. You need to be very creative while wearing designer handbags and using them to express your personal style. To do this, you need an eye for detail (colour, design, fabric etc), knowledge about available handbag styles and a workable budget. Once you are ready, consider the following:

  1. The Size

The size of your designer handbags will determine how well it goes with your selected outfit. Always pick the right sizes to match your clothes. Whereas small clutches are great combined with formal eveningwear, larger handbags typically go well with casual outfits.

  1. The Colour

Where possible choose designer handbags that are colour coordinate with your outfit. This way, you will look better than if you picked out and invested in bags that perfectly matched your clothes. In case you plan on wearing multi-coloured outfits, then the best choice would be a single – coloured designer handbag. Alternatively, if your outfit is in one colour, then go for a bright bag for that unique pop of contrast.

  1. The Material

The bag material should, ideally, match your outfit. As far as possible, pair summery light clothes with straw and tote bags. On the other hand, pair your evening attires with heavy metallic and crystal – covered bags. For versatility, invest in a leather designer handbag.

  1. The Form

The shape and form of your bag should also be taken into consideration. Messenger and hobo bags typically complement casual weekend dresses while tailored designer handbags are more suited to formal, business attires.

  1. The Budget

Always budget for bags before you shop from fashion houses. These investment pieces are far flung from everyday trendy disposables. Therefore, you ought to consider the importance of the bag and how often you intend to use it before making an investment.

For a super chic and trendy fashion look, always select high – low dresses with well-picked out designer bags. The right bag will cost a pretty dime. However, it will make a world of different between an expensive looking outfit and a thrown-together look.

  1. The Style

A great sense of style will mostly depend on the accessories you choose. Mixing high – end bas with fast – fashion pieces will greatly complement your outfit, while helping you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The way you wear your designer handbags will also give you that timeless personal look you need.

  1. The Inspiration

There are tons of fashionable people out there that you can emulate. From Beyoncé to Kate Middleton, finding an inspiration should not be difficult. Find out what people in the limelight are wearing. Then sneak bits and pieces from your favourite fashion icons to get the right designer handbags.

Most of the people who have the money to invest in personal shoppers and fashion advisors are only seen carrying the best the market has to offer. Therefore, getting ideas, tips and tricks from their accessories will go a long way in helping you make the best choice.

In conclusion, fashion houses continue churning out thousands of bags each year. Finding the ideal piece to complement your outfit will require some work. Falling back on the above guide will enable you unlock the potential in your outfits for truly memorable and enviable looks.


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