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09 Dec Designer Handbags: How to Tell if it’s a Genuine or a Fake

Designer bags are always a joy. However, you will not feel so good if you discover that you just spent a fortune on a fake. In case you wish to shop for a designer bag, use the following tips to differentiate fakes and replicas from the real thing:

Genuine Designer Bags

Genuine bags are made by well – known designers. Although they might also come from less – known designers, the focus is usually placed on higher-end ones. The attachments, charms and logo on the bag are part and parcel of the original design. Marks, signatures and tags stating the bag designer’s name depict authenticity and overall design. This is why so many consumers are prepared to pay for the designer label.

Legal Imitation Designer Bags

Legal imitations and knock-off, on the other hand, are designer-inspired without being direct copies. This is as long as these bags do not claim to come from the original designer or use the trademarked features, logos and symbols.

Illegal Fake Designer Bags

Fake bags try to pass themselves off as genuine – right down to the last charms, tag and logo. Fakes also copy designer bags to the last detail, with no attempt to differentiate themselves as look–alikes.

To determine whether your designer bag is genuine, therefore, you ought to be careful:

  1. Stores

Designer bags are only stocked at renowned stores. These include boutique stores, quality department stores, and stores carrying the same name as the particular brand you wish to buy. The staff at the store should also have adequate knowledge about the designer bags stocked – on guarantees, pedigree and quality.

  1. Knowledge

Find out as much as you can about the designer bags you wish to buy. You can glean this knowledge from trusted fashionistas. Ask fashionable people within your social or professional circle about where they buy their designer bags.

  1. Pricing

Due to their rarity, designer bags tend to be quite pricey. As status symbols that are well crafted, you can be sure that a bag is designer just from the price. If the price seems too low, then you are definitely dealing with a fake.

  1. Authenticity

Stores and vendors selling genuine designer bags can also attest to the authenticity of the product. Ask the vendors whether the bags they stock are real, copies or fakes. From their voice, you should be able to tell whether they are lying. Use your common sense and check your emotions. Sellers who are evasive or who try avoiding your questions are definitely trying to hide something.

If possible, ask whether you can return the bag if it is fake or faulty. Genuine vendors selling authentic designer bags will agree to this. Some will also provide you with certificates proving that the bags are actually from the designer’s warehouse.

In conclusion, finding the right designer bags can be a hustle – what with the number of spoofs, fakes and imitations being churned left, right and centre. However, with the above tips and tricks, you should be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the fake. Use them the next time you are out shopping for designer bags.


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